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This was an excellent chocolate pie recipe, I have been trying out quite a few chocolate pie recipes on zaar, and so far i have found them all to be five stars and company worthy. I cut this recipe in half to make one pie, and based on the posters suggestions I upped the cocoa and cornstarch. So I used 4T cocoa and 4T cornstarch. Did not do meringue but whipped cream instead. I was a bit concerned when this pie "jiggled" after being chilled overnight but the consistency was great!firm and cut like a dream. Great pudding type chocolate pie!thnks,PeggyLynn

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Peggy Lynn March 17, 2005

THIS IS THE PIE. . . . . the one I've been looking for since 1989! My aunt, who was like my grandmother, would be 107 if still alive and this is the pie recipe she blessed us with all my life - no other could march it. Cooked by pinches of this and handful of that. I measured everything several years before her death and managed to lose the loose paper I wrote it on. No one else in any branch of the family had it. I can't be more thrilled and it's the right timing as I am preparing a family cookbook of the beloved old and new recipes as 2011 Christmas gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Southern Lady October 16, 2010

I wish I could give it more stars!! I followed the recipe as written, and used real whipped cream instead of meringue. It was the best chocolate pie I have ever made. I made them for an early Easter dinner with my side of our family and everyone went for seconds. I will be making them for our Easter dinner with the in-laws this weekend. I will NEVER use boxed pudding for pie again. Thank you so much for such a great recipe.

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chardman April 11, 2006

The widow next door used to make one of these every time I did a chore for her for many years. After a few years of enjoying this marvelous treat I asked her for the recipe which she typed out and e-mailed to me.<br/><br/>I sent a note back explaining that I had found a serious error in the recipe. She rushed over the next day (as fast as a lady in her seventies could rush) and she asked for the error, when I hesitated she demanded the error. At the bottom of the page she had written "Serves 8", I told her that the recipe only served ONE.<br/><br/>She started to scold me but stopped and asked "Did you eat that all in one sitting?" I replied "No, I ate half last night for dinner and the other half for breakfast."

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jpb357a October 15, 2014

I loved this pie! I made the filling in the microwave using a big glass measuring bowl...just whisk every two minutes...so much easier and never scorches! The pudding turned out so good...thick, rich, and not too sweet. I will definitely make it again.

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staceyraegriffith January 01, 2016

Just a mention to ensure when following recipe to add both milk and condensed milk in that step. When making the meringue, for those who have never made meringue you will want to use your mixer on a super high speed and keep going until ingredients are fluffy and can create peaks. I didn't have a really large heavy pot, so I cooked the main ingredients in my large skillet which was a non-stick and stirred with a wish continuously. This worked well. I also used artificial vanilla and it was fine. I wish I had the good stuff, but it didn't create a problem. The recipe makes to good sized pies and it is delicious!

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LoLo November 08, 2015

Excellent chocolate pie!! I made this pie for my hubby to take to his work's Christmas party and everyone love it and raved on it wanting the recipe. I topped my pie with a whipped topping rather than a meringue. This is the one that I will make anytime I want to make a chocolate pie. It took a while for the pudding to start to get bubbly but it was definitely worth the wait! I made it exactly as stated too as I would never rate a recipe if I had changed it up any, that's just not fair to the recipe poster. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!

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Regina00214 December 18, 2014

I followed the recipe to a T and it was HORRIBLE! The filling was so runny, even after leaving in the oven wayyyyy longer than what should be necessary. So disappointed. After reading the reviews I was expecting this to be like a taste of heaven. Starting to wonder if these are all fake/paid reviews...

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mrsgarza July 14, 2013

Delicious and really easy to make!

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Jazz Lover March 14, 2013
My Grandma's Chocolate Pies