My Granddad's Bestest Birthday Cake

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READY IN: 24mins
Recipe by cakeinmyface

(I have to say this very carefully) my granddad was a master baker (hehehehehe) for Kelloggs and Mc vities, he was mr biscuit! I have fond memories of him taking me to work to taste try and buy biscuits. Yes, he did get diabetes in later life, but at least he enjoyed his beer, fags, cake and biscuits. He got a lot healthier in 1990s and passed away in August 2007 just before my wedding. He was my dad (as my dad is dead and I never knew him) my gdad brought me up. He was stubborn and annoying and honestly could not tell a lie without cracking a very childish smile, but we loved him a ton. He also dressed up in women's clothes occasionally when he was drunk (and a lot lot younger) or if someone was having a stag doooo. This is his bestest cake recipe.


  1. Grease and lightly flour 2 sandwich tins put the oven on at gas mark 6 to preheat.
  2. Whisk together 4 eggs & 4oz caster sugar together until mousey and leaving ribbon trails when whisk is removed this will take about 5 minute (use kitchen aid or kenwood chef so your wrists don't fall off) add vanilla essence at the end and whisk inches.
  3. Very gently using hand and wiggling fingers fold in flour until just mixed. This is so you don't squish all the little bubbles in the mousse that will keep the cake up.
  4. My granddad always used his hands for folding and scooping into tins, so I do the same. Divide mix between 2 sandwich tins and bake at gas mark 6 for 12-14 minutes until very light golden brown and springy. Remove and transfer to rack to cool. Expect a little shrinkage.
  5. Fill with fresh cream/ dream topping and jam of choice or fruit and cream. Sprinkle with sieved icing sugar when assembled.

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