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This is an interesting dish. I would have not thought to use sweet potato in a Persian salad, but it works. It is healthy as far as ingredients, which is why I gave it a go, but the proportions seemed a little unbalanced to me. I will likely cut up some more cherry tomatoes to even out the ratio between cucumbers. With 4-5 Persian cucumbers and only 5-6 cherry tomatoes, you end up having a lot more green than red, although the sweet potato balanced out the colors, if not the flavors. I cut the cherry tomatoes in half to distribute more fully, but I think it could use 2-3 times the amount prescribed.<br/><br/>I cooked a sweet potato at 350 for 45 minutes (and pricked with a fork) but I think it needed more time to be the right texture for potato salad. (Good idea to use for leftover sweet potato.)<br/><br/>I would modify this recipe by chopping up everything a lot smaller and adding some parsley and maybe some salt.

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Mrs. Atkins August 19, 2013
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