My Favorite Savory Chicken Salad

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Jennibear

This is for people who cringe at the thought of fruit in their chicken salad! There are no raisins... no grapes... no pineapple bits... nothing sweet in this recipe!! I grew up on the salty flavors of the chicken salad from the New York Deli in Boulder, CO. It was delicious! They closed many years ago - and that drove me to make my own version. Here it is! Serve on a toasted bagel (my favorite) or stuff in a pita, or in a croissant - fancy! Always delicious!

Top Review by bmcnichol

As written this was really salty for us. I added more chicken and mayo and then we all enjoyed it.

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  1. Cut of your cooked chicken into small, bite size pieces (or you can shred your chicken). Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl, combine well. That's it!
  2. TIPS:.
  3. Watch your mayonnaise as you go -- we like ours on the dry side -- if you love mayo - you can always add more -- but it's really hard to take out if you add too much. Be careful people! I recommend Hellmans Brand mayo -- good flavor.
  4. You could add some slivered almonds - if you like that kind of thing.
  5. Also - you can use any kind of cooked chicken: baked, boiled, sauteed, crock pot -- a roasted chicken from the grocery store! It all works and tastes great!
  6. Take a little nibble of your mixture and see how it tastes. Adjust seasonings to taste. My mom always said that if your recipe doesn't taste quite right -- add a little more salt. That was her secret -- and she was right!
  7. Slather your chicken salad on your favorite bread of choice and enjoy!
  8. Yum Yum!

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