My Favorite Sandwich - Middle Eastern Style

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

Pita bread, Mom's Hummus , Tabouli... nothing can be better. I eat this for breakfast when I can. I love it with my mom's Black Bean Hummus!

Ingredients Nutrition

Black Bean Hummus or 3 tablespoons black bean hummus, Mom's Hummus"> Tabouli">


  1. Heat pita until warm.
  2. Smear with hummus then pile on the tabouli and peppers.
  3. Fold and enjoy.
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I used Greek olive hummus and a white pita. Delicious!

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Without peppers as we dont like spice. We roll ours up rather than fold it and like white pita better than whoile wheat. I had this from a food court.