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Hey, I'm the first review, and this recipe has been around for over 7 months. I've made this a bunch of times, since I had a bag of "masa harina de maiz" to use up. Yes, I made the tortillas for this recipe myself. This was pretty good, and easy. Funny, I'd always thought quesadillas had to be made with flour tortillas, but the corn tortillas worked just fine here, though the results were smaller. I always used cheddar cheese for this, out of habit, and I used genuine Tapatio sauce too. I quickly found, however, that 1 minute was not nearly enough time for this. I bumped it up to 1.5 and then two minutes per side, and the cheese was much more melted, and the tortillas approached the desired "golden brown" color. A nice, quick recipe, with handy ingredients. Thanks!

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spooty3 May 29, 2009
My Favorite Quesadillas