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I have did this last year but did not review it. by my note I did read like this:<br/><br/>This is a very good pie crust. Very good Tip's too, I will do this one a lot more.<br/>Some of her to Tips was: Yes you can freeze pie douge, I have at times for the holiday.<br/>1. Keep a couple pie crusts in the freezer at all times for easy last-minute desserts.<br/>2.Think about making your pie filling ahead, too.<br/>3.Make your pie crusts in disposable pie plates, so you can make a bunch at once (this will also make them easy to stack in the freezer).<br/>*And practice! Every time you make a pie crust from scratch, it will get easier. Soon it will take only a few minutes - less time than letting a refrigerated crust soften at room temperature. And the cost savings are really tremendous. Have fun experimenting!<br/>Thank You! I did it for me, the fun is at PRMR 2013....Grpa

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CHEF GRPA November 08, 2013

I cut the recipe in half, used coconut oil for shortening; raw apple cider. This worked beautifully for a fresh blueberry pie! Made for Ramadan Tag/July. PS A food processor make this recipe super quick and easy to prepare. fyi

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COOKGIRl July 14, 2013

Delivers perfect dough texture, and tasty crust in pie (Recipe 509358). Thank you for stressing to keep the butter cold. I sliced my butter in teaspoons, and then quartered them; I then returned them to the refrigerator. Also I kept water on ice until I measured 6 Tbsp. to add to cider vinegar. 6 tablespoons was all the liquid I needed. This provided enough crust for a 9" pie (bottom & top), plus enough leftover to create adornment "appliques" with the dough. Thank you, Pammy, for providing this perfect pie crust for a pastry-challenged chef. I will remember you each time I repeat this crust. Made for Pammyowl Cookathon.

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KateL November 23, 2013

This is a very good pie crust. Thanks. Made for PRMR!

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nochlo November 08, 2013
My Favorite Pie Crust