My Favorite Italian Pasta Sauce by Sy

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 45 mins

There are so many types of pasta sauces on the supermarket shelves from tomato sauces to alfredo cheese and cream sauces. This RSC #16 contest recipe is based on you choosing YOUR “Favorite Sauce” from the supermarket/grocery store and using it in this recipe. Plus you can add various ingredients like olives, sun dried tomatoes… in which you feel would make this recipe a great one to try and make again in the future.

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  2. Remove the stem from the portabella mushrooms and cut into small 1 inch thick slices, then cut into smaller bite-size pieces, set aside.
  3. Cut the swiss cheese into thin strips, set aside.
  4. Grade the mozzarella cheese, set aside.
  5. Cut the olives into big pieces (circle shaped), set aside.
  6. Cut the sun dried tomatoes into small slices (or slice other tomatoes if used, in small bite-size pieces), set aside.
  8. In a big pot add enough water to cook the paste, then bring to a low boil, add the paste and 1 tablespoon cooling oil (one quick stir), then cook until “al dente” (about 15 or more minutes), drain and put back into the pot, set aside.
  9. While the paste is cooking, in a cast iron skillet add 1 tablespoon cooking oil, then add the two sausages, turn and cook until done, remove from the pan and cut into small bite-size pieces, set aside.
  10. In the skillet add 1 tablespoon oil, then add the portabella mushrooms and the Worchester sauce (or soy sauce), stir-fry for about 1 minute.
  11. Next add back the hot sausage, the olives, sun dried tomatoes (or other tomatoes), stir-fry for 1 minute, set aside in the skillet.
  12. In the big pot with the paste, add the tomato sauce (or other sauce of your choice), add the basil, stir for 1-2 minutes to warm up and coat the paste.
  13. Next add back the sausage, mushroom, olives, sun dried tomatoes and toss to coat all.
  14. Now transfer all to a big serving plate (one that you can use in a broiler).
  15. Place the swiss cheese and mozzarella on top of the paste (alternate each to form a pattern).
  16. Next place the paste plate with the cheese into a broiler to melt the cheese (3 minutes.).
  17. Remove from the broiler and serve.
  18. Enjoy.
  19. NOTE:.
  20. This recipe uses one 12 oz jar of tomato pasta sauce (again, please use your favorite sauce) and it might not be enough sauce for your liking, so add more sauce as needed.
  21. Also, you can add anchovies, artichokes, or other foods of your choice, to make this recipe one of your favorites.


Most Helpful

I made this using my own spaghetti sauce recipe. I used mild sausage and followed the recipe as directed. I loved the addition of the green olives in this but thought it would be much better without the swiss cheese. Thanks for sharing. Made for RSC #16.

CJAY May 28, 2011

Now this is prime comfort food, so good. It was excellent use of contest ingredients, great flavors that blended really well together. This dish had a lot of flavor, nice pasta, I used Marinara for the sauce worked great in this dish, loved the bite of the olives, the fresh taste of the cherry tomatoes and the sweet onion, the heat from the hot sauce was spot on. It was even better the next day. Good luck in the contest.

Baby Kato May 28, 2011

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