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This has become one of my favourite breakfasts! I make it with brown mochi rice which has a particularly nutty, slightly sweet flavour and goes so well with cheese and salsa. For the Braggs aminos I use something similar made from organic canola seeds, tastes much like the aminos but is easier to get for me here in Germany.
Thanks for sharing this winner!
Made for February's Sun and Spice Event / N*A*M*E Forum

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Mia in Germany February 04, 2013

I made this for myself, for dinner. I used white rice, as that is what I had in the fridge along with some leftover chicken. I added a touch more salsa (also mild) and soya sauce. Made for Everyday Holiday Tag game. :)

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Lori Mama January 15, 2013

Now that I have tried this recipe, I do understand the "distraction" that pammyowl referred to in describing this recipe. I used white minute rice due to time constriction, and am out of brown rice. I am actually eating this while reviewing, the more I eat, the more I am becoming addicted! I will never forget this wonderful comforting recipe. I had to search to find the Braggs Amino Acid, and am glad that I did because I don't think soy sauce would have made such an impression. Now can't wait to make it with the brown rice! Made to remember and celebrate Pammyowl!

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sloe cooker November 23, 2013

Simple to a fault. I added sliced peppers and onions and roasted cauliflower and it made a great dinner!

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threeovens November 10, 2013
My Favorite Breakfast, Stir Fried Rice and Cheese!