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I've tried making these 3 times. The first 2 times were delish...but a terrible, terrible mess! The 3rd time was a charm and they turned out beautifully! I used cherries with stems (so much easier!) and I added 1.5 cups powdered sugar to give it more of a sugar cookie dough consistancy.

I put powdered sugar in my hand and patted out a silver-dollar-size disk in my palm. It kept it from sticking to my fingers but wrapped beautifully around the cherry. I found it much easier to place cherry on the disk, then turn it upside down and let the disk "fall" onto the cherry and finally pinching it around the stem.

I froze the wrapped cherries before dipping in chocolate. Perfect! Thanks so much :)

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Butterflybaby2011 October 27, 2011

These are quite amazing. The first time I used the recipe exactly and they were most excellant. Now I change it. The best idea was to use a candy mold. Much easier than trying to dip them. Also, instead of that condensed milk I use a combination (or entirely) Baily's Irish Cream. Also, I use about 1/2 a tsp of the fondant (very chilled) and roll it in a little ball and stuff it inside the maraschino cherry (after chilling again). Then I pop those into the molds that I've brushed 4 or 5 coats of chocolate into. Fill in around them and voila.

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krissyburjan November 26, 2009

This is the easiest and most incredibly delicious recipe out there!!! I used Baily's, Raspberry liqueur and Amaretto for flavoring and Oh My God!!! To die for!!! I decorated them with red holly berries with leaves piped frosting, and chocolate frosting trunks and green evergreen needles piped frosting and swirled chocolate piped frosting and chocolate jimmies!!! Beautiful! Thanks a hundred times over for this easy and yummy recipe!!! I made tons of them and gave them as gifts in lovely Christmas paper candy cups in wonderful Christmas tins!!! A very huge hit with everyone!!! Always, Jelly :)

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HotPepperRosemaryJelly December 13, 2009

Fantastic recipe! I ended up with enough filling for about 25 cherries. I used about 16 oz milk chocolate chips for melting the coating. My method for applying the white filling worked great using my 1 t. cookie scoop. I scooped out the filling, plunged in the cherry (mine had stems) and cranked the handle to release it. This made for a neat little ball. I did start out with 3 c. powdered sugar and the filling was sticky but manageable. Will definitely be making again. Thanks, homegirl!

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Munchkin Mama March 22, 2008

Much better than the recipe I had been using, which just used powdered sugar, karo syrup and water. I used 3 bottles of cherries (cherries were cut in half), two and a half pounds of dipping chocolate and a double recipe of filling and it made over 100 chocolates! I used almond extract rather than vanilla and used cherry cordial molds purchased from Hobby Lobby. The filling stayed sticky even after chilling, so I figured out to coat the bottom and sides of mold with melted chocolate first and chill to create a cavity. Next, place about 1 tsp of the filling in the chocolate cavity then squish in 1/2 of a cherry and top with chocolate to seal. They look so "professional"!!!

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wyojess December 02, 2007

I made these yesterday beside the top rated recipe from another big site. The other recipe called for butter, corn syrup and powdered sugar. I found that the taste of this recipe was better, but much harder to work with. I added a whole cup of sugar, and it made it a lot easier, but the fondant would tear easily. a tip that I found that was SUPER helpful was to freeze the cherries before wrapping them.. SO SO SO much easier :)

so in the end, this recipe won the battle because the flavor was better... but for fondant workability.. the other one won... if I had to only make one recipe, it would be this one it is worth the effort :) THANK YOU!!

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Sara P. May 09, 2011

This is very similar to my recipe, but I soak my cherries in brandy for 2 hours (I don't freeze them) before I wrap the filling around. Delicious!

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winterrace November 27, 2009

I have made these the last few years at Christmas and they are a big hit. I do have a problem with the filling. I cant ever seem to get it just right. Its either to runny or I use to much powdered sugar. Either way they are all gone when I put them out for everyone. My kids get so excited when they hear mom is making her cherries since I have had to make them a couple of other times besides Christmas cuz the hubby loves them more than the kids do. My brother I swear stood at the buffet table at my house on Christmas Eve and ate 1 after another for what seemed like forever-lol.Then I had to send him home with some. I will do milk and white chocolate. I just use Hershey chocolate chips melted. I will also dip one in milk chocolate let it set then dip the bottom in white chocolate or visa versa and those are awesome. I also use the marchiano cherries with the stem. It makes it easier for dipping. Also I read another review that said to keep at least half of what your working with in the fridge/freezer till you are ready to use it because the more the filling gets to room temp the harder it is to work with. That's is very true... I also freeze the cherries for an hour before I put the filling on them and that seems to make it a little easier to put the filling on the cherries. That's the hardest part of the recipe. Mine may not always look so pretty but everyone loves them. I found this recipe when I was looking for a homemade chocolate covered cherry recipe. A lot of them are complicated and require boiling sugar and water and other stuff and using and candy thermometer and that's just not me. I can cook but I'm not the best when it comes to baking and making stuff like that. Then I found this simple recipe and I tried it out before our big Christmas Eve family get together and I was so impressed with this recipe. Oh I also found that even if you don't form a perfect ball of filling around the cherries freeze them then once they are frozen you can form it better to make it more of a perfect ball. Now I am still trying to perfect the dipping and making the cherries look really nice like the pictures on the web site. They come out pretty good since I started using cherries with stems. I tried just using my finger and it didn't come out so good and it was messy. Maybe I'm doing wrong. Either way this is a great recipe. I highly recommend it

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tiggerr105 June 27, 2009

These were the first chocolate covered cherries I ever tried making and the recipe turnned out wonderfully! They're good once they set, but get even better the longer they have to sit! However these don't have a long shelf life...once people find out about these they are as good as gone, so hide some for yourself!!! I didn't use dipping chocolate, just melted down some semi-sweet chocolate chips and those worked fine. Insted of using my fingers, I dropped the balls in the chocolate one at a time, rolled them around with a fork, scooped them up, shook out the excess chocolate, then dropped them on to the wax papper (you can make fancy looking candy swirls this way). I recomend keping half or more of anything your working with (the dough, the frozen cherries, or the wrapped cherries) in the fridge/frezzer untill your ready to use it, as the warmmer things get the more difficult it gets to work with. Also when wrapping the cherries, I first tried just molding the filling around the cherry, but I found it easier to do this: pinch off what I needed, flatten it into a disk in my hand, then make a small depression in the middle. Put the cherry in the depression, then wrap the edges over the cherry, then roll it around in my hands to get a smooth, round shape. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, definataly a keeper!

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Phoenix_Cooks February 16, 2009

I've made at least 6 batches of these and I keep forgetting to review them. My bf loves these to death. I even sent some as Christmas presents. It is best to let these sit for about 5-7 days to get a liquidy center. I did have to use extra powdered sugar to get the right consistency for the filling. I also like to add a little bit of almond flavoring with the vanilla. If you really want a cherry flavor, try a few drops of Lorann's Cherry flavoring oil. The filling recipe can be used for other candy fillings, too!

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Watkinslady30 February 14, 2007
My Famous Chocolate Covered Cherries