My Famous Chocolate Covered Cherries

Total Time
Prep 3 hrs
Cook 0 mins

These are so good. I have to make 2 dozen for my grandmother every Christmas and she refuses to share them. She actually hides them and pulls them out one at a time! I really have no idea how many this makes as I usually double or triple the recipe. Also it depends on how much of the center you like . UPDATE: some people have had difficulty with the filling being to runny....adding more powdered sugar is not going to alter the taste so feel free to add another 1/2 c to a cup with out worry :)

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  1. Combine the first 5 ingredients until well blended and smooth and place in fridge until firm.
  2. Meanwhile spread out the drained cherries on a cookie sheet and freeze for at least 1 hours.
  3. Scoop out about 1-2 teaspoon of filling and form into a ball around a cherry.
  4. Place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and freeze for 1 hr after you have formed them all.
  5. Melt dipping chocolate and using your hands dip each cherry placing it on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and chill in fridge until chocolate is solid.
  6. Remove cherries carefully as not to break them open and loose the center.
  7. Place in an airtight plastic container and keep in a cool dry place for up to 1 month.


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I've tried making these 3 times. The first 2 times were delish...but a terrible, terrible mess! The 3rd time was a charm and they turned out beautifully! I used cherries with stems (so much easier!) and I added 1.5 cups powdered sugar to give it more of a sugar cookie dough consistancy.

I put powdered sugar in my hand and patted out a silver-dollar-size disk in my palm. It kept it from sticking to my fingers but wrapped beautifully around the cherry. I found it much easier to place cherry on the disk, then turn it upside down and let the disk "fall" onto the cherry and finally pinching it around the stem.

I froze the wrapped cherries before dipping in chocolate. Perfect! Thanks so much :)

Butterflybaby2011 October 26, 2011

These are quite amazing. The first time I used the recipe exactly and they were most excellant. Now I change it. The best idea was to use a candy mold. Much easier than trying to dip them. Also, instead of that condensed milk I use a combination (or entirely) Baily's Irish Cream. Also, I use about 1/2 a tsp of the fondant (very chilled) and roll it in a little ball and stuff it inside the maraschino cherry (after chilling again). Then I pop those into the molds that I've brushed 4 or 5 coats of chocolate into. Fill in around them and voila.

krissyburjan November 25, 2009

This is the easiest and most incredibly delicious recipe out there!!! I used Baily's, Raspberry liqueur and Amaretto for flavoring and Oh My God!!! To die for!!! I decorated them with red holly berries with leaves piped frosting, and chocolate frosting trunks and green evergreen needles piped frosting and swirled chocolate piped frosting and chocolate jimmies!!! Beautiful! Thanks a hundred times over for this easy and yummy recipe!!! I made tons of them and gave them as gifts in lovely Christmas paper candy cups in wonderful Christmas tins!!! A very huge hit with everyone!!! Always, Jelly :)

HotPepperRosemaryJelly December 13, 2009

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