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Yummy yummy yummy .........this dish was a big hit, even with seven and nine year old peskies, who are particular about their pasta!<br/>I took tips from previous reviews and saved on cleaning up, by mixing the sauces, cheese and pasta together with meat in the pan....a good move!<br/>Leftovers are just as tasty.....and I still have some stashed in the freezer, for when I need a good meal on the table fast.<br/>Thanks for a top notch recipe Rosie.<br/>Made for PRMR.

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Noo March 09, 2014

We loved this flavorful Italian pasta dish! I loved the fact that it could be made ahead and frozen for those times when I need to get a quick meal on the table. For our tastes, I used 2 tsp. garlic salt and 1 TBSP Italian seasoning. I also added some fresh ground black pepper. I saved a couple of steps and added the noodles and cheese to the sauce in the pan. I mixed it together well and put it in the baking pan. I baked it for about 30 minutes and then added the additional cheese on top. I baked it for the addtional 15 minutes. I baked this in a 9" x 13" baking pan and froze the rest in a 9-1/2" x 9-1/2" deep disposable, aluminum pan to use at a later time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! **Made for 2013 Football Pool**

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Bayhill January 04, 2014

I halved the recipe and we loved the sliced italian sausage mixed in with the ground meat. I had to add some finely chopped garlic with the onions. I really enjoyed this dish, and my son is now on "thirds". I took a shortcut and just added the sauce and tomato paste into the meat mixture, added the additional seasonings, stirred in the pasta and cheese, and saved the clean up of the extra bowl. (I'm all for less clean up!). Worked perfectly. Made this easy to make and it turned out delicious. Made for your win in Football tag! Congratulations!

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breezermom December 31, 2013

DELICIOUS!!!! I don't typically write recipe reviews because typically I am disappointed. I feel as though no one else has similar taste buds to mine. Dishes that are rated high usually are terrible and bland! NOT THIS RECIPE!!!! Some friends were in Chicago and brought home some Italian beef from Portillo's. Being in charge of a side dish, I looked at their menu and this is what matches! I have never even heard of this stuff. Skeptical, I made it. (I used spicy Italian sausage links...I like heat). I brought it to the party and even the mid-westerners were blown away. Anyway, MAKE THIS DISH. This will be going into our winter rotation with a nice big salad. Yummmeroo. My mouth is watering jus thinking about this recipe.

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nappykink August 27, 2015

My oh my!!! This dish is sooooo good!!! I cut the recipe in half. I did add some garlic with the onions and like everyone saved a step and mixed the sauces, meat, seasoning and the cheese all together and put it in two small pans. Then I topped both casseroles with a little more cheese. I froze one for another night and DH and I still had plenty. Served with garlic bread and a fresh green salad. Thank you for posting and this is going into my Favorites of 2014. Made for Spring PAC 2014.

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mama smurf April 23, 2014

Made this for PRMR Game and a great choice. I wanted something that I could freeze and have ready for when Christmas company starts arriving as we don't know what time they'll get here. This fit the bill. It made a lot so we had it for dinner last night to try and all I can say is GREAT, I'll be proud to serve this to company. The Italian Sausage I got was already ground (like hamburger) and that made it a little easier, just cooked it with the ground round. Also added some fennel seeds as DH loves those in his Italian meals. Other than that made as directed. This is a true keeper

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Bonnie G #2 December 17, 2013
My Famous 'Baked' Mostaccioli