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I was craving for a decent moist carrot / walnut cake, had no eggs at home so gave this recipe a try. My tempremental oven baked it did not burn it, this time, and it was quite a result. I did not add more baking powder/ soda just incase it will linger inside and bad taste occurs while tasting, sacrificed my lovely Braggs organic vinigar. What a good cake it came out, okit did not rise more than half inch, but it was cooked properly and very moist fluffy inside. I attacked it after 6 minutes of cooling. Eggless cake, yes please at least it does not have damn rising problem to drive hopeless anticake bakers like me, mad. Thank you for this delicious, easy, low cost, fail proof recipe.

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gulsah w. February 04, 2016

Easy and delicious. I used a regular 9' x 9' baking pan and greased it. I used nutmeg, no ginger, and applesauce instead of the butter / oil. I also added coconut flakes, and doubled the baking soda. Turned out not too sweet and had a spring to it. I think it would make excellent muffins. Thank you!

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YoungWifeNYC December 27, 2010

Super easy to make and pretty tasty. I doubled the baking soda as well, and I also substituted applesauce for half of the oil. Some kind of instructions on pan size and prep would be appreciated; I wasn't sure what to use or how much to grease it, and with the light greasing I did, the bottom stuck pretty bad.

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Seedbeads August 21, 2009

I just tried this recipe and it was awesome. I did take a previous reviewer's advice and doubled the amount of baking soda. Also, I was out of brown sugar so used regular sugar plus added some raisins and walnuts. It was fantastic. We all loved it! Will definitely make it again.

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lthenk September 20, 2008

very easy to make and came out better than expected. i changed a bit of the recipe though. replaced water with milk put twice the amount of baking soda, so it came out more fluffy and thick. also, as i had no ginger powder, i put nutmeg instead and at twice the amount.also i mixed in almond slivers, which was just perfect! i also covered the pan with paper while baking, not to brown the top quickly, and placed some water in the tray so the cake didn't come out dry. can't wait to serve it to friends!

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femme_manille February 07, 2008

Very quick and easy to put together. The recipe didn't indicate which size of cake tin to use, so I chose a 9-inch square brownie tin. The mixture didn't rise very much and stayed rather sticky, even after extra cooking time - in fact, it was quite a lot like brownies, rather than cake. I wonder whether I added too much carrot (I wasn't sure whether the cup measure of carrots should be loosely or tightly packed). However, the cake smelt fabulous and tasted lovely (especially the crunchy bits round the edges after the extra cooking time!) and is definitely something we will make again. Reviewed for Pick A Chef, Fall 2007.

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Syrinx September 29, 2007
My Eggless Carrot Cake