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Excellente, Miss Annie!!! I have had Shrimp Paesano there, before, and loved it. Okay, tell the truth....are you "moonlighting" as a chef at Paesano's?? LOL! Seriously, this is a wonderful recipe. I wouldn't change one thing about it. Add a little pasta and a salad, close your eyes and you're on the riverwalk! Thanks bunches for sharing this recipe!!

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Susie in Texas June 17, 2003

I have been to Paesano's many many times and this is the real thing. I made it with shrimp two nites ago, but tonite I am making it again with thin sliced boneless porkchops. I also plan to make it with pounded chicken breasts. This is SO easy and absolutely delicious.

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**Pebbles** July 01, 2003

Excellent! Living in San Antonio, I still can't make it Paesano's nearly enough for this dish. Now I don't have to. Fantastic copy-cat recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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kymbny March 27, 2004

Wow! This was great! My husband was SO impressed. Easy recipe with fabulous results! Definitely my favorite shrimp recipe. Thanks!!

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itsnevrenough August 15, 2003

Miss Annie....3 words, yum, yum, yum! My husband's only comment, "oh honey, awesome dinner!" Easy, quick, and very, very good....thank you.

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Barbara 11 July 21, 2003

Sorry, I hate to burst your bubble but I used to work at the original Paesanos on McCullough in San Antonio. Everyone tried to get this recipe and it was never revealed. As far as I know Joe and his beautiful wife are not divorced (but I haven't lived there for 20 years. If someone would say "what if I am allergic to something in the sauce" We would tell them they had to tell us their allergy, go ask Joe, and then report back 991/2% of the time they were not to worry it didn't have whatever they came up with.<br/>As far a I know it contains only cleaned and deveined 10/15 shrimp, no tails, soaked in milk, dregged in flour and sauteed on both sides. Before serving they are heated in an oven which recrisps the top of the shrimp. The sauce is only unsalted butter, slowly melted using a hand wisk, it must be on a very low temperature or it will clarify then the only ingredients added are garlic, parsley and lemon. No chives, no egg, no half and half. It is all in the technique that the butter is melted. Butter, egg yolk and lemon is hollandaise sauce, you can add garlic and parsley to that and it will be lose but it won't be Paesano sauce. For their Picatta sauce they leave out the garlic and parsley. Good luck.

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CPMelbourne August 18, 2013

Having never been to the restaurant in Texas, I had nothing to compare it to. I made this a few weeks ago and we loved it, So much so I'm serving tonight on Xmas Eve with other seafood. It's not some we would eat often, since it's pretty rich, but a very nice special occasion meal.

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Susang December 24, 2009

Miss Annie....delicious! I lived in San Antonio and Paesanos was one of my favorite resturants. My friends and I loved it. We all ordered the shrimp scampi as an appetizer, everytime we went. I was thinking though, maybe a just little plain bread crumbs added to the flour..again just a little. There is a texture in the real one that I believe is bread crumbs. (? imo) I do however believe you hit it on the nail with all other ingredients. Great Recipe regardless. Thanks! Long live shrimp scampi!

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jaderomeo September 25, 2009

I followed this precisely, except I didn't use as much flour as recommended. About 1/4 c. nicely lightly dusted the shrimp. There was tons of extra sauce, so I'll save that for later, and probably add another 2-3 cloves of garlic, or maybe some cayenne. The dish was rather bland to my tastes and slightly disappointing. I'm going to try it again, because of the ratings, and just see if it was an off night for me. I hope so....

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~Bliss~ August 02, 2009

I've never been to Paesano before, so I have no idea about the copycat quality of the recipe, but I do know that I enjoyed it very much! I used 31-40/lb shrimp and removed the tails, and at the end I let the shrimp soak in the sauce, then removed them for serving (husband is not a big fan of saucy foods), but other than that, it was the same. The one side saute and the broil give them such a unique and tasty texture. I may liven it up with some sort of spice the next time (paprika or similar), because while the dish is not bland, t doesn't have the kick I usually look for. But it is a wonderful departure from the usual super spicy or super creamy/cheesy shrimp dishes!

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hodgemo2 July 09, 2009
My Copycat Shrimp Paesano