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I made this exactly as written. This was a very good flavorful moist meatloaf. I don't usually like ketchup poured over but mixed with the tomato sauce it was a nice addition. I did have a ton of grease come out of it though (I usually just use a leaner ground beef and not the meatloaf mix)so I just poured it off. It was not done at 40 minutes, I would increase the temperature to 375 and/or adjust the cook time. I would use this recipe again, but with the beef only and adjusted cooking time/temp. Thanks for another good meatloaf recipe!

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Kelly M. October 01, 2006

this meatloaf was delicious - definately moist and flavorful. It did end up being greasy, but I've found that most recipes I try are. It did not hold it's shape when we tried to cut it but it wasn't a problem because i usually cut it up anyway - and it made up for it in flavor =)

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Jersey Girly Girl January 07, 2009

Truly, this is the best meatloaf recipe I have ever found. So moist and flavorful, I have made it time and time again. So easy to prepare! I make two loaves at a time and stick one in the freezer for a quick dinner at another time. You will love this recipe!

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sheilajazzara July 07, 2008
My Best Meatloaf