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This was the best ladoooooooooo I have ever eaten.soooooooooooooooooooo gooooooood and yummyyyyy. Thankyou charishma. You are the best.....If you guys haven't tried it please try it, you won't be sorry....

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ND April 16, 2003

I tried this recipe today. The amount of ghee listed as 1/2 cup to 2 cups gram flour did not come close to being able to form balls. I added another 1/4 cup. My husband's reaction was "Did you add coarse salt to this because I am biting into grits.?" No, of course not, it was the granuated sugar. I agree with Heather's review that if anyone tries this recipe to use powered sugar. I cannot say I will try this again.

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Linda H. July 20, 2008

This is the same as my recipe only I use 1 cup of powdered sugar to be sure there are no gritty granules.

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HeatherDawn.^_~ November 06, 2007

I halved this recipe and make 11 small laddoos. It was excellent and just as I remember it. Thanks, Charishma!

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Dimpi March 24, 2006

This came out so well and I was very surprised because I am a novice in making any kind of sweets leave alone ladoos. We do not have much of a sweet tooth in the family, so we do not really make many except for the occasional kheer on festival days. I tried this because it seemed so easy. And it was, the proportions were all perfect and so was the method. I halved the recipe and it made 5 ladoos. I think the trick is how to catch the ladoos, to make the balls while it is hot. And mine came out in all shapes except round :( very sadly but then this is the first time. I guess one does need experience to do it and also you should be able to stand the heat on your hands while making the ladoos. Is there any particular method or trick to it, I don't know. Hopefully, I will have better shaped ladoos next time. Thanks for the recipe, Char.

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Sangeetha November 05, 2005

This was a great recipe...excellect flavour and very, very simple to make. After finding out just how simple, I doubled the recipe and made another batch straight after the first. I bought almond and cashew powder instead of grinding my own, and next time I will use castor sugar (NB more required than normal sugar) as although I ground the sugar, you could taste the granules when it had hardened...unless you like it like that. I would suggest not doubling the recipe as I did...rather make it in smaller batches as it gets difficult to make sure all the gram flour is cooked. This recipe is also versatile...I divided the mixture,rolled some balls in coconut, added chopped, coloured almonds to some and even added a tad more ghee and piped (while warm) into little stars and let dry. Definitly a keeper!

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Mrs Beeton wannabe November 14, 2004
My Addictive Besan(Gram flour) Ladoo- will leave u licking ur fingers clean!