Mustard Dip (for Vegetables)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

If you like mustard and horseradish, you will like this dip.

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  1. Mix together and chill.
  2. Serve with fresh veggies.
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Yum whats not to like mustard sour cream and cayenne. Had it with cauliflower and broccoli this is our new dip thanks alot bev. Angie

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This is just the flavor I was looking for - zippy and brave. Vegetables can be so boring, the dip should be exciting. This is. It is so easy to make, that is a plus for me as well. The amount of horseradish in this recipe is substantial. I recommend that you put some in, taste, then put more in and taste again. (My first taste didn't reveal how strong it was, but a plate of veges and dip made my nose run.)

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This was wonderful and something different for my vegetable tray. I bet it would be good on a cornedbeef sandwich! Good job! I'm keeping this one!