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I am SO glad I found this recipe! I had purchased a mustard bath powder from Whole Foods a while back and LOVED it, but it was really EXPENSIVE. I think it was like $12 for about the same amount that this recipe makes. When I made this, I just put all the ingredients directly in the bath and used about 1/3. I didn't have any rosemary oil so I just threw in some dried rosemary. I used eucalyptus AND tea tree oil and used 2 drops of each for just one bath. It was wonderful. It really increased circulation to my extremities, warming my hands and feet. It also helped with the pain in my lower back. I will be doing this again, probably on a weekly basis. Might add some ginger powder next time. Thank you SO much for posting.

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Prose March 28, 2009

I had known that a mustard bath helps congestion, but not that it helps "tired, stressed muscles" and draws out impurities. I really hurt my lower back shoveling 2 weeks ago and it hasn't gone away, no matter what I try. I put this in my bath, along with 1 cup of epsom salts and I am feeling a little better, like I can move slowly without too much pain. I used peppermint and eucalpytus oils, but will put them directly in the bath next time, as I don't think they get uniformly mixed in the baking soda mixture. This made about 3 baths. I doubled it again and am keeping in ajar by my bath. Thank you Roosie!

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WI Cheesehead January 04, 2009
Mustard Bath