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I've never really eaten parsnips before except in soup. I am so glad I tried out this recipe, it's parsnips as a side dish from now on! I first nuked them in the microwave instead of steaming them, and since we love extra sauce for the rice served alongside it, I double the mustard and honey. I really recommend trying this, it's delicious!

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Mirj October 13, 2002

Love parsnips and this recipe is exceptional. I often do parsnips with butter, brown sugar and a bit of soy but this recipe is even better. You get a full 5 stars plus my thanks a great way to do parsnips. The only thing I did differently was after cooking the parsnips I put them in a casserole dish drizzled on the mustard/honey &seasoned Then 30 minutes before serving popped them in the oven 350F and had them at the bottom of the oven for the last 15 minutes with the broiler on - they came out golden and so tasty - This goes to the top of my parsnip list. — Oct 18, 2002, 4 members found this helpful Added comments I have made these many times looked at the picture and decided that it did not do the recipe justice have tried to do a better job Thanks again Pets

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Bergy July 22, 2005

Our first time ever having parsnips, and were we ever glad to have this recipe! This was delicious. I opted for 2 tablespoons mustard, and that was plenty for us. This made for a delicious side dish for our meal and a keeper for sure! Thanks so much for this recipe!! Dianne

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Pianolady October 15, 2003

Was looking for new ways to cook parsnips, found this, loved it!! I used honey, but used a strong English mustard, (that's the name of it) and added carmelized onions, fresh parsley, coarse ground pepper and just a dash of allspice to this...yum!

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taurean51 April 07, 2011

Made with Canadian maple syrup and mix of yellow and brown prepared mustard....fabulous! THX!

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ilovebunsen March 31, 2010

I didn't want to rate this perfect ten with anything less, so I didn't rate it at all, only because I think we like parsnips a certain way. I can say it was definetely different. I did try both the honey and the maple syrup and really couldn't tell much difference. The honey (I used wildflower)had a bit of a tang, but that can vary depending on the type/flavor of honey used. It was worth a try, but I'll stick to my old way. Thanks for the change though!

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Ronamay April 04, 2007

Finally ......... a parsnip recipe that my husband enjoyed! I used Honey Mustard & maple syrup. Since I placed a silpat sheet (lightly sprayed with Pam) on top of my baking tray, cleanup was a breeze. Thanx Pets!

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CountryLady March 29, 2007

I prepared this recently and was not surprised after reading all the wonderful reviews! A great parsnip dish, wonderful flavours. I used one of my favourite mustards a 'horseradish dijon' blend and maple syrup. Ooooh soooo gooooood!

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Elly in Canada November 28, 2006

These were excellent! I also used the maple syrup and horseradish and would serve these to company! Thanks

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Marg P November 12, 2006

Petsie Poo, when I read your permission to replace the honey with maple syrup, in true Canadian Thanksgiving loyalty, I was your obedient servant. Horseradish in place of Mustard and Maple Syrup in place of Honey, immediately transformed your Mustard and Honey Glazed Parsnips to Horseradish and Maple Syrup Glazed. It just does not get any better than that. I selected smaller, tender parsnips, and following your uncomplicated recipe; the result was lovely. Thank you Petsie Poo; your contribution to my Designer Thanksgiving Dinner was well received by my guests, and appreciated by their hostess. (I bet that would be great on carrots, or turnips, or potatoes, or... or.... or....)

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TOOLBELT DIVA October 12, 2005
Mustard and Honey Glazed Parsnips