Must Make Mango Salsa

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

the best salsa ever. We eat it with chips, or alone, or with fish or chicken or whatever! It is so yummy. Everything can be altered to personal taste. Please try it!I can't take credit though, my sister in law introduced me to it. I did make it my own by changing small things.

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  1. I put everything into the food processor and pulse until fairly fine.
  2. You can pulse it to your preference.
  3. If you like it chunky, don't do it for too long.
  4. if you like it soupy, go for it.
  5. You can also do this manually with a knife and dice everything, but that's too much work.
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Very tasty and unusual salsa! I couldn't find jarred mangos so I used fresh. It seemed a bit odd to have salsa with no tomatoes but it really worked. The sweet and spicy was great on a tortilla chip; I think it would be great on grilled chicken or fish as well. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Made for Fall Pick-A-Chef 2011

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This stuff is addictive! I love the salty sweet you get when you eat it with tortilla chips. I could only find jalapeno jelly but it worked really well. Thanks for a new twist on salsa!

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My, my, my. This is a definite change of pace! My store had no jarred mangoes so I had to substitute peaches but they worked well. This is a lot like having dessert on a tortilla chip. Don't taste this expecting traditional salsa flavors, that will just confuse your taste buds. Instead, think fruitsauce with kick. Very pretty too. Thanks!