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This is exactly how we make them here in Portugal, I live close to the ocean so its easy to alway ´ have them fresh. The only differece, in mine is that instead of using ground pepper I use tobasco sauce, but thats just my personal preference, other than that its the same. Lovely with a nice COLD glass of white wine, and some fresh crusty bread to dip into that wonderful vinaigrette. Ummmm could go for some right now!! lol...lol...

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Mia #3 November 24, 2009

Simple and delicious. I love mussels, it's hard not to, and this will be a regular dish for me. I ended up with a lot more mussels (about double) and this recipe doubles easily. I purchased my mussels from Diana's Seafood Delights in the Toronto area. If you're in the Toronto area, I highly recommend Diana's (they have a website if you want their location). Out of 3 lbs of mussels, I did not lose a single one. Amazing.

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whatscooking October 30, 2007

This recipe does double duty. I bought a large qty of fresh mussels and cooked up this one for the follow day, and the nectar left over made a great start to a wine, fresh herb and butter steaming sauce for the other 1/2 of the mussels to eat that night. Thus avoiding family dissapointment of having to wait a day for fresh mussels. Thanks for sharing!

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rodgersjab July 28, 2007

Definitely delicious! I used 2 pounds of mussels when I made this for DH and I, we both enjoyed it very much. I did not follow the instructions for serving. After the mussels were cooked I removed all empty shells, put the rest of the mussels (and those still left in the shells) into a dish with the vinaigrette to chill overnight. Next day we ate them with a nice fresh baguette!! What a delicious lunch!!

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Elly in Canada October 18, 2006

I love this mussel recipe. First, it can be made ahead and second, it is HEAVENLY delicious. And the vinaigrette can be used to dip bread or veggies into it or for a salad. I have made a lot mussels and have eaten them all on my own. I like the balance of more sour flavors and the more herbal flavors with some spicy notes. In the center are the mussels, which have a wonderful texture, still firm and full of flavors. The vinaigrette will bring out the mussel taste, but will complete the taste with fresh notes of the vinegar. Fantastic. This is an absolute outstanding starter. Your guests will ask for more and more. Made a lot of them. Thanks Derf for sharing this excellent recipe.

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Thorsten November 23, 2005
Mussels Vinaigrette