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I must admit the thought of 4 POUNDS of mushrooms scared me. Since you said "freezes beautifully" I dipped my toe in with 2 pounds which I thought was more than enough. That was my only mistake. We had friends over last night, and your recipe was a hit. Just a little leftover to eat today, and sadly nothing to freeze and enjoy later. I did not have burgundy wine, so I used a cabernet sauvignon --- excellent. Next time, I WILL BUY 4 POUNDS OF MUSHROOMS !! Update: I have made this recipe about 6-7 times now and it continues to be fabulous. I continue to vary the wine depending on which type of red I have on hand. The last time I added 1 onion, finely chopped. Your recipe always gets rave recipes. I have given your recipe to many friends! Thanks again!!!

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Kathy :-( July 06, 2004

This is the same recipe I make every year around christmas time for friends and to take to parties. It always gets rave reviews. Instead of the 2 cups of boiling water, I do substitute beef broth. I also "brighten" it up at the end of the 7 hours of cooking by adding a cup of burgundy and 2 additional teaspoons of dill. This serves well at parties in a crock pot, keep it warm... because of the large amount of butter if it gets cold it congeals and doesn't look appealing. Great recipe. Thanks for posting.

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AuntJammie1 January 13, 2008

These were good, could have used more garlic and some onion. The cooking time seemed in excess to me as these seemed to taste just fine after four hours and the texture was not as mushy. It could be just in the terms you used, "slow boil", did you mean simmer? I think a simmer would have been more appropriate. Thanks for a good recipe. Will try it again.

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Chef Shadows March 28, 2007
Mushrooms Burgundy