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I've been making this for years! It is originally from Taste of Home. Very tasty, just make sure not to use precooked bacon. I've also tried it with venison tenderloin, but venison is so lean that the little bit of flavor of the beef fat is missing. I also agree with the previous reviewer that the cooking time produces a medium-well piece of meat. I reduce the cooking time to 15 minutes uncovered, 20 minutes covered.

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coleen114 February 12, 2009

The tenderloin was really really good with the stuffing and topping. I wish my photo had turned out better to represent your fantastic dish. Caroline

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Caroline Cooks March 18, 2007

What an awesome stuffing! Very impressive dish to make. And not difficult. I did add some bleu cheese crumbles to the stuffing but otherwise did everything exact. My tenderloin was only about 1 lb so I could have cooked it for less time (it was not as rare as we like). So I will make that adjustment for next time. Thank you Little Turtle for sharing a great recipe. --Marla in AZ

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barbie66 March 07, 2005

I made this recipe for Christmas Dinner this year, and it was hands down the best dinner I've ever made for my family and friends! Part of making a wonderful meal is choosing the right ingredients. We are lucky enough to have a local grocery store where we could special order a 5-lb. cut of grass-fed beef tenderloin. <br/>It took me about 2 hours to prepare not only the mushroom stuffed beef tenderloin, but a red wine reduction sauce to go with it. I also served mashed potatoes with diced spring onions and fresh baked asparagus drizzled with olive oil and some seasoning. <br/>The beef tenderloin was so delicious that even 3 days later, the leftovers tasted like the night I first made it! Believe me, you can't go wrong with this recipe!

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Usmclsc March 17, 2013

I was scared of it at first, but it turned out sooo good! The stuffing was incredible! This was a big hit in my house -- no gravy needed it was tasty just as it is!

It's a little hard to assemble (especially if you have an uneven piece of tenderloin) but the taste is delicious!

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Shasha December 24, 2011

I own a restaurant and used this for a party last night. It was excellent! I have made other stuffed tenderloins and the seasoning was overpowering. This was flavorful without taking away from the actual piece of meat. I used 4-5 lb. tenderloins since it was for a large group, so the cooking time was longer for me but if I was doing this at home, with a smaller tenderloin I would probably increase the oven temp to 375. The crumbs on the outside of the tenderloin would have browned a little more, giving them a little more flavor and color. I also think you could start it at 425 for 15 min. and turn the oven down to 350 when you cover it, if you are using a larger tenderloin. The presentation was excellent and I received rave reviews. My husband loved it and he tells me the truth!

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Club32Chefette February 23, 2011

So delicious! It was surprisingly not as hard to make as I thought it would be. I loved how it took the concept of stuffed mushrooms to a full meal level. I needed to cook it for a little longer than 15 minutes though. 20 minutes still left us pretty rare, but delicious. It also could have been the thick cut of our meat. Regardless, I will definitely make it again.

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CKallman December 11, 2010
Mushroom-Stuffed Beef Tenderloin