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Enjoyed this risotto. I had to use more broth. I think with some additional herbs/seasonings this could be five stars for sure.

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Vicki in CT January 12, 2010

For me, the texture was like a risotto. It was very creamy. I loved it. I used half a red onion. Chicken broth, I think I used in total 4 cups of it. But each time I added 1/2 cup at a time. I used 1 cup of mushrooms finely chopped and then let cook 10 minutes. For us, it's more than 2 servings. I have leftover. For us that's probably 4-6 servings. Thanks Bellinda :) Made for 123 hit wonders

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Boomette October 31, 2009

We really enjoyed this. I used Basmati rice and portabella mushrooms along with red onion. I chose chicken broth which worked well for us. A very nice dish. Thanks for sharing. :)

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~Nimz~ October 24, 2009

I really enjoyed this dish. While it's not the same as "real" risotto, I'm certainly not going to complain about not having to stand and stir for 20-30 minutes. You give up the creamy texture of the long stir dish, but retain all of the wonderful flavors from the rice, broth, and mushrooms. While you list this as 2 servings, for me, as a side I thought it would serve 4 and as a main, probably 3. I followed the recipe fairly closely, with a few exceptions: I added about a quarter ounce of dried porcini mushrooms soaked in water, then used the soaking liquid as part of my broth; instead of arborio rice I used short grain sushi rice (I use this in the long stir version of risotto as well); and I used 1/4 of a very large red onion; for the broth, I chose beef broth to complement the meatiness of the mushrooms. I would change a couple of things- first, I would add a little white wine or lemon juice before adding the broth, to add a little acid and brightness to the flavor. Second- I would add a little garlic along with the onion and rice- this may just be personal preference, but I think it would add some complexity to the flavor. Lastly- taste this before serving; depending on the broth you choose, you may need to add a good bit of salt and pepper. Overall, I really enjoyed this dish, and will make it again. Thanks for posting!

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IngridH September 15, 2009
Mushroom Risotto