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What an attractive way to serve an omelette! The thyme gives just a little extra bit of flavor. One thing I did was to use a bakers sheet (that thingamabob that prevents things from browning too much on th bottom) under the jellyroll pan so the omeletter would not cook too much on the bottom and i removed it from the oven as soon as the omelette was firm on top. I used parchment paper which came off like a breeze. I chopped the mushrooms and peppers quite finely to facilitate the rolling. The finishing touch with the cheese over top & broiled gives wonder eye appeal Another winner Derf Thanks New Year 09-10 Made this again cutting it back to 7 appies. Because I was making so few I cooked the omelet in a pan, Took it out very carefully, made the roll, wrapped it in plastice and put it in the fridge all day. Then I cut the roll, fastened each piece with a tooth pick, turn each on it's side, put cheese on each piece and broiled for apprx 7 minutes just before serving. WONDERFUL Oh I added some roasted grlic. It's a winner Der!

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Bergy January 01, 2010

Even the kids liked it. We added sausage with the mushrooms, and substituted mozzerella cheese for the cheddar. Yum.

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The Scone January 01, 2009
Mushroom Omelette Roll