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This was a success, and very impressive to guests. I used a cooking/baking pumpkin...not sure if a "carving" pumpkin would be the same. I used yellow onion, no celery, a mix of button and cremini mushrooms, ww flour, 1 veg boullion cube, and had to skip the sherry because we didn't have any. My pumpkin was just under 6 pounds and my soup didn't quite fit in, so I just heated up the extra separately. Next time I do this, I'll be sure to look for the squattest possible pumpkin, so that there will be room to get my ladle through the opening (had to serve with a different implement). I also might bake the pumpkin a bit ahead of time (possibly upside down with the top in a bit of water), because I found that the bottom parts softened up more than the upper parts so it was harder to get any scrapings out of the top. This is great because I have now taken the remaining pumpkin flesh, which I will cook a bit more to fully soften, then mash up and make into another soup. And the flavor and aroma of the soup were incredible...it's amazing what a few simple ingredients can do together! Thanks for a new kind of recipe.

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Meredith C-ville October 26, 2008

Oh my! I just made this and it is AMAZING!!! The stew is good enough to eat on its own or with some potatoes added in. All of the ingredients played very well with each other making a complex flavor and very satisfying meal.

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elke.ursin October 18, 2008
Mushroom Bourguignonne in a Whole Pumpkin