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Made exactly as written and am sorry to say I found this exceedingly bland. It is very filling, something different, and cheap to make, but I couldn't make it again. I was going to give it 2 stars but Fiance actually said it was OK. I found I needed a lot of salt and wished for some lemon! Lemon and thyme always compliment each other. If I were to do it again I think I'd use all fresh mushrooms. Wasn't crazy about the dried shitaki in it.

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Nikoma November 15, 2010

I really liked this. I did add a little more seasoning than called for, including fresh garlic. Also 1 tsp of dried whole thyme, which seemed like plenty. Even though I was a little short on the amount of mushrooms, it still worked out really well. Don't be tempted to skip on the amount of liquid because it gets really really thick and creamy. I think the key to this is long and slow - I had it on high originally, thinking we would have it for lunch, but it wasn't looking so good so I turned it down and left it alone for the afternoon. It's really like a stew if you leave it that long, which I really liked. My mushroom hating children even liked this, which is a shocker! I'm sure I'll be making this again with different types of dried mushrooms (today I used shitake, not my favourite). Great way to use a crock pot!

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magpie diner November 02, 2010

This is a pretty good recipe. Easy and quick to put together. I used fresh thyme in place of the dried. I used dried shiitake, fresh shiitake, and portabella. My bf didn't care for the portabella very much. Nice warm stew on a cooler day. Thanks for posting.

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zaar junkie August 29, 2010

Nice, hearty stew that doesn't taste like the crock pot LOL!!! I did add some Spike seasoning and a little Garlic Garlic seasoning. I used a mix of dried wild mushrooms from Trader Joe's and it was perfect! I also used organic mushroom broth instead of the veggie broth. UPDATE: I froze some of this soup. . .just thawed it out and while I had to throw in some extra water to thin it out a bit, it was still very tasty and had no signs of having been frozen. Keeper! Made for Veg*n Tag Jan 2010.

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JanuaryBride February 08, 2010

Easy, delicious and satisfying soup. I used eight ounces of fresh cremini mushrooms for dried, skipped the thyme and garnished with fresh parsley. This cooked in my crock pot for five hours on HIGH. I'll make this again soon because it took very little time to prepare.

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COOKGIRl January 22, 2010

When I want a mushroom & barley soup... this recipe will be the one I use. I didn't use a slow cooker but simmered the soup on the stove top for a little over an hour. The store didn't carry dried mushrooms (or I couldn't find them) and so I subbed an 8oz container of baby bellas for the dried mushrooms. That gave me a pound of mushrooms in the soup... which turned out to be perfect, imho! I will definitely be making this again... as well as recommending to to my DD. Excellent soup!

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Impera_Magna February 08, 2009

I also just dumped everything in the crockpot, and I also used just 1 t of thyme. I liked it, but still thought there was too much thyme. My husband loved it the way it was. I used shitake mushrooms....they were great.

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Yaffa December 14, 2008

This was the very best recipe I have ever made in my crock pot. My hubby loved it and said that it was as satisfying as any soup that contained meat. I only made one change and that was to use baby portabellas in place of the dried ones. This pretty much doubled the mushrooms in the recipe I guess, but it came out really good.

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Robin in Kansas November 22, 2008

I have the cookbook and I make this all the time esp in winter and fall. It handles other additions of veggies well.

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Number 929450 October 06, 2008

Wonderful soup. It's a chilly evening and this is was the perfect thing. It's a perfect blend of hearty and light with the barley and the veggies and broth. It cooks up to have a thick broth and the barley and mushrooms each have a chewy-ness that easily replaces meat. Even though there is little fat in this soup I skipped the sauteing in oil and just added everything to the pot and used 1 tsp of thyme. I made the full recipe and I'm so glad that I did, now we have more for later. Thank you ellie for a real treat.

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Annacia September 08, 2008
Mushroom and Barley Soup (Crock Pot)