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This dish was delicious the whole family enjoyed them. I marinated it for about 2 hours and made about eight 'sticks' perfect for the three of us. I found the Muscovado sugar in a cake supply shop, the sales person told me that I could of used dark brown sugar as a substitute. For those how are curious on what Muscovado sugar is it's a dark, rich and sticky with a delicious toffee flavour. Thank you LittleKiwiChook

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Chef floWer February 11, 2007

I absolutely love this recipe!! It's easy and very tasty!! My significant other and I loved it very much. Will be making this again. Thank you.

Fyi, I bought the muscovado sugar on ebay and it is the best i've tasted! The brand is El Maestro and it has a pure molasses taste that you can't compare anywhere else. Perfect with this recipe! :)

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yananjela September 10, 2012

YES! Love skewers, they make for wonderful appetizer/starts for our summer cookouts - and could easily make for one of the main courses. Made as posted with great results - wouldn't change a thing. A great recipe for chicken breasts. Made up skewers using the chicken chunks - also did some adding green pepper along with mushrooms -the combinations looked as if I had spent hours and hours in the kitchen! And yes they were absolutely delicious. Thank you!

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Gerry July 17, 2009

I just love skewers so I just had to make this. ! I omitted soaking the sticks but nevertheless, the chicken's so flavorful with a slight sweetness. I basted it again during the last few minutes when I grilled it indoors to keep it moist and for more flavor. Had this with white rice. Yummy! Thanks! Made for Recipe Swap #29.

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Pneuma June 15, 2009
Muscovado Marinated Chicken Sticks With Ginger & Garlic