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This is incredible! I wanted to make a low carb birthday cake for DH and danced around this recipe and several chickpea cake recipes - what if just this birthday cake would turn out an unedible mess? Finally I decided to make this one because your recipes never failed me yet and I knew DH would like the unusual shallot topping. I used the palm sugar - and you'd never guess what a hit this cake turned out to be! Had to make five outprints for guests who couldn't believe this was made from a legume! This sure will be a keeper! Thanks for posting this!!

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Mia in Germany March 21, 2010

I've been wanting to make this cake for a long time. The ingredients intrigued me. It was difficult to find 'yellow' mung beans but I finally found split ones in a small Asian store. I made this with lite coconut milk and 3/4 cup of Splenda brown sugar blend. I'm not giving a starred rating because I didn't end up caring for it but was glad I tried it and think others may enjoy it. I had fun getting my co-workers to try it and try to guess what was in it. A couple of people loved it, most people thought it was good but they wouldn't make it. No one guessed it had mung beans. Mine turned out with a dense pudding texture so most guesses were potatoes or corn. A few people joked that it smelled like an onion bagel but tasted like a dessert. I couldn't think of it as a dessert. The flavor did remind me of Asian sugar soaked beans. Thanks for posting such an interesting recipe mikekey...it was an adventure! Made for the 1-2-3 hit wonders tag game.

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Engrossed May 19, 2008

Excellent! The onions added a sweet finishing touch. I didn't have enough palm sugar, so I used the brown sugar option and it was delicious. Not too sweet. The baking time was spot on. The cold water 'bath' was something I never did before, but it wasn't a big deal. NOTE: I should have watched the second cooking time more closely, as mine began to stick and scorch fast. The timing here is not long; maybe 8-10 mins. It all produced a 5-star mung bean cake. The next one I make will be a breeze. Thanks mikekey.

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Kathy228 August 04, 2007
Mung Bean Cake With Coconut Milk