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Wonderful flavors and colors! I, of course, added some ground turkey browned with the fennel, and a touch of chicken broth in the cooking water. The mint was fabulous! Thanks.

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Lakme September 05, 2007

I had a terrible time with this recipe, but it still gets 4 stars because it tasted wonderful. Firstly, I couldnt get spearmint ANYWHERE, dried or fresh, so I used fresh mint, it was really too mild, but I corrested that by giving each vegetable a squirt of mint sauce before serving. The main trouble I had was the cooking. I checked a few other yemista recipes, and none of them said to cover the baking dish, so I duly popped it in the oven. After 2 hours the rice was still hard, but the veggies were cooked. I covered the whole thing with alfoil, and gave it abother hour, and finally the rice was soft. While it tasted greatlast night, it was too late for our dinner, so I reheated it for tonite, and the taste was 5 stars!!! Even my husband commented on it, and usually just eats:) So Katia, thank you for a good recipe, a keeper, but in future I will cover the yemista for the first hour, and then turn up the heat a bit to singed the veggies!

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mummamills August 07, 2007

First time I tried Yemista w/o meat and we all thought it was a great dish! Light, yet very tasty and satisfying! Baked up perfectly in the oven~ this will be made often! Thanks Chef Katia!

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iLuv2cook 2 April 21, 2007

This was soooooo good! So homey. I used basmati rice and had no problem at all with the cook time (and didn't cover the dishes) I used regular mint and also added a few squirts of lemon which was a nice touch. This comes together a lot quicker then one might expect. I think it took me 30 minutes to prep before going into the oven. Well worth the beautiful finished product. I think I might add in some chopped nuts the next time just for a bit of texture, but this is definitely a keeper!

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Nikoma September 28, 2012

This is very delicious, lovey mint flavour using fresh mint from the garden. I make this often using a variety of different vegetables when we are looking for something vegetarian. I have used zucchini, orange bell peppers are our favorite, plum tomatoes, onions. Sometimes I add mushroom to the stuffing, tomato paste depending what stuffed vegetables I have to leave out. I use Basmati rice, a good extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, plus the rest of ingredients. I sea salt the vegetables before and after stuffing. I have never added the potatoes as we have started to avoid them for allergy reasons. I cover the pan the whole time as tightly as I can with aluminum foil. I never use bread as we are gluten & yeast free. I sometimes add a bit of homemade chicken stock with the water in the pan, but water works fine on its own. I serve this dish with Balkan or other thick yogurt. I will make this again & again.

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UmmBinat July 18, 2011
Mum's Yemista (Greek Stuffed Vegetables With Rice)