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This is a wonderfully different cake. I've never baked a cake that substitutes a simple syrup for fat and eggs, and I was intrigued. As other posters have mentioned, it is a dense cake, designed to hold a lot of fruit, but it's definitely not dry. The recipe calls for a full pound of raisins, but I substituted one cup of chopped dried cherries and one cup of dried blueberries, and that was plenty of fruit for us. Right out of the oven, the cake was good, but after sitting for three days, it was out of this world. I highly recommend this cake to anyone who isn't committed to light, fluffy cakes and is willing to give something a little different a whirl. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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bakingfool July 15, 2010

Have to say this is one very special spice cake! I was so good and waited the required 3 days and am so glad I did as this was so nicely spiced with an equally nice dense texture. I did make two very minor changes in that I used butter instead of Crisco and baked in a 9 x 13 pan instead of a bunt pan. DH has already put in his order for me to make again next year for his job. Thanks for the post and Happy Holidays.

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Debbwl December 20, 2011

FANTASTIC RECIPE !Loved it - so very easy to make & so moist & spicy !Made it this morning .Will be making it very very often .THANK YOU SO MUCH MICKEYDOWNUNDER for sharing this wonderful & easy recipe with us ! with warm regards Sheeba

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sheeba.pillai November 13, 2007

Mickeydownunder, now I won't have to guess why your Mum has had so many requests for this recipe over the years! This was love at first bite!!! The cake was dense and rich, and the raisins were plump and moist. YUMMY! The spice blend was just perfect, too. I used a 15 oz. box of raisins, but next time, I might use half raisins and half sultanas. (And there will be a next time!) I didn't change a thing, except that I used a 13" x 9" x 2" baking pan instead. I had to decrease the cooking time; 40 minutes was sufficient using the oblong pan. I sneaked a slice of the cake 17 hours after it baked. (I was too impatient to let it sit for three days!) If you like fruitcake, you HAVE to try this!

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truebrit January 14, 2005

This is a cake after my own heart - heavy, dense and fruity. All it needs now is to be wrapped in a rum (or brandy) soaked cheesecloth and it will be absolute heaven.

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waynejohn1234 October 13, 2012

A REAL keeper ! The only change was to use golden raisins. I wrapped it in foil and just let it sit about 4 days -- DH could NOT believe there wasn't some exotic spice. What a simple recipe -- with winning flavor. Topped it off with some squirt whipped cream -- can't resist a few extra fat globules. Thanks, Mick -- will do at least one more for the holiday. PS -- liberally sprayed the bundt pan with Baker's Joy -- worked just fine !

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NurseJaney December 11, 2011

Ok, I made this cake for a fundraiser where it earned a whooping $50! Of course, I had to make one for us and tonight we served it. Delicious! I plan to make another to take to a party next week, I'll let it age a little more. I omitted the allspice because I am allergic and the thought of having it in my house gives me the shivers, not good so I just substituted more cinnamon. Thanks Mickey, it is definitely SPECIAL.

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TLu December 04, 2011

A very unusual cake. The texture is very different from cakes made with eggs. I was surprised by the intensity of the spices. The cooking method is really different--boy, does it foam up! I think the flavor would have been improved with butter instead of shortening. Thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl December 04, 2011

What a cake! Just a great cake, tasty, dense, full of flavor. I did use a bundt pan and it came out perfect. My oven time was just slightly different, but all ovens can be different. I did let it set 3 days and the flavor was great! Gave some to my Dad and a couple of pieces to the Lady I cook for. Sweet, but just enough, spicy. That is my type of cake. Thx MDU, so glad I tried it.

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SarasotaCook May 12, 2010

Remember that 3 day suggested wait time? Try this one on for size. Bake it in the mini loaf pans (2 are the size of a standard loaf pan for me), bake it, wrap it. Then ship it off to your kids in school. The shipping time makes it so it HAS to sit! Plus whomever you're sending it to, gets a true treat!! This is dense cake, it reminds me of a banana bread almost. It's worth the work though!

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ColoradoCookin' September 09, 2008
Mum's Special Spice Cake