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This is a new family staple! Fabulous bread! Although I should note that I did make one substantial change- I used Robin Hood's Multigrain Flour that can be substituted cup for cup for white. I didn't have whole wheat. I actually even used the multigrain in place of the white as well. The only bit of white flour I used was the last cup for kneading. The only other minor change I made was I used an eggwhite wash instead of plain water for the top of the loaf because I found it held the oats on better and gave the finished loaf a nicer color. I happened to be making other bread at the time and so it was just as quick to use. I baked mine in my Pampered Chef stoneware loaf pans and the crust was amazing. I've made about 4 double batches in the last week!! YUM. Thanks for the fabulous recipe!

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Food Snob ;) October 28, 2008

This is very good. I used pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds also. A good sandwich bread. Used it to make turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving. i skipped step 6.

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Outta Here November 25, 2007
Multigrain Bread