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I'm so pleased to be the first to review this awesome bread! I made a few changes - I wasn't sure I would like it so I didn't want to make the full 4-5 loaves, so I cut the recipe down to 1/4 for just one loaf. I used butter instead of shortening because I just believe shortening's horribly bad for you. And I had no gluten flour so I used half whole wheat flour and half regular all purpose. I also used the breadmaker to mix the dough - liquids first, then soaked cereal, then sugar, flours, salt and yeast. When the dough cycle was done I removed, shaped into a loaf, let rise 30 minutes, then baked as directed. This is a lovely, light, airy whole grain/wheat bread and it is really yummy! Next time I will use more whole wheat flour - I only used half wheat this time because I didn't want it to be too dense, but that doesn't seem like it will be a concern. Thanks for posting!

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RSL December 16, 2010
Multi-Grain Bread