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I made this into rolls. They were fabulous. Instead of all-purpose flour I used whole wheat pastry flour. As I always do with whole grain breads I substituted wheat gluten for 1/4 cup of the flour.

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emily hauer May 07, 2010

This was a tasty and healthy bread. The kids did not love it and we did not finish the entire loaf before it went stale. I made croutons with the leftovers. Thanks for the recipe.

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PrincessPage August 09, 2011

This is an excellent bread, and I loved how it did not require kneading. I'm going to try it with all whole wheat flour next time. Thanks.

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CaramelPie June 22, 2007

I LOVE this bread! I made it a couple of weeks ago and forgot to save the recipe, and I've been searching the website for it ever since. Today the site was having traffic issues and I couldn't get the recipe to open, but I sat here trying over and over for about 10 minutes and when it finally did, it paid off. Yay, it's my recipe! I love how crumbly this is, and I toast it in the mornings and enjoy it on the way to work. My only wheat bread recipe from now on, and thanks for sharing it with us!

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Feisty November 09, 2006

Great Bread . Healthy, tasty and full of power. It is so easy to make and the outcome is fantastic. I followed the directions, but needn't to add additional flour. The bread needed a little longer in the oven (about 10 minutes). The texture of the bread fluffily, crumbly and still moist. The taste was great. I used a 5-grain mixture of wheat, barley, oat, rye and spelt. And the spelt adds a nice nutty flavour. Instead of whole wheat flour I used whole spelt flour (which have the same baking characteristics) to support the nutty flavour. I would use salt in this bread. Salt enhances also the sweet notes from the sugar and honey. At last I have tried it with different spreads from my favorite jam, peanut butter, fresh cheese with fresh herbs and I tried it also on its own. It is great in taste with any of these. I will keep it in my files for a fast and easy to make bread, which is healthy and so tasty. Thanks.

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Thorsten February 22, 2006
Multi-Grain Bread