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This is one of the best soups I've ever eaten! I used well-seasoned beef mince and fried it with a rasher of bacon to provide the 'drippings' required. I used 5 teaspoons each of a mild curry powder and 5 teaspoons of garam masala. To give the soup some added richness, I added the beef and rice about 15 minutes before the end of cooking time. This dish froze and reheated well.

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Kookaburra June 01, 2005

Ok! Winter is here and I have been waiting to make this recipe for so long. Made it last night and it was a real hit! Used 3 tsps of fat by heating chicken skin and 3 tsps of my garam masala powder with 4 cups of beef stock. DS was ready to hit the roof but wanted to have it at the same time. DH and Me just broke out into a sweat. (that is a good sign ;) ) Supposed to be a good Indian soup. But I'll have you know that it is the first time I have made or tasted this. I am going only by taste in rating this. But isn't that all that matters in the final gastronomical reckoning!? Thank you. Will definitely make it again. :) Fay

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Girl from India December 29, 2004

This is SO GOOD! I used 2 tsp. curry powder and canned crushed tomatoes (I opened the wrong can by mistake). I used ground beef for the minced beef and only simmered this for 1/2 hour. I didn't liquidize this because it didn't need it. I will make this again - it's fabulous!

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cuisinebymae November 01, 2004

I made this with 5 cups of organic vegetable broth and left out the meat to make a vegetarian version of this. Replaced the drippings with about 1/4 cup of butter, maybe a little less. Didn't quite fill up the entire cup to the top. I used red curry so it was pretty hot. Got rid of that summer cough everyone is getting because of the humid heat outside and airconditioning indoors. I would not just recommend this for lovers of indian food, but also to anyone who might be feeling under the weather.

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Mimi Bobeck August 14, 2003

Ok, we've already made this recipe TWICE. The first time Troy misread the directions and just took the veggies out of the pot with the sieve ;-). We were quite disappointed with the yield, until I went into the kitchen and found the rest of the dish on the counter. We did it correctly the second time and used our stick blender to liquidize. LOVE the flavor. This is our new favorite soup -- esp. because Troy makes it instead of me ;-) I'm not familiar with the history of it though. Isn't this a traditional dish?

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Gay Gilmore December 06, 2004

I've made this soup many times already and have forgotten my review...it's delicious! I also add 1 can of evaporated milk and it was great!

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ChezNicolette January 14, 2013

This is a delicious soup!! very easy to put together... I've made this often and is alway's good!!! Thanks for posting..Cl

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Poppa Dude January 14, 2010

Very good! I didn't have apples so I used pears, which I imagine was the same but with a slightly gritty texture. I also used crushed tomatoes since that is all that I had. I had uncooked beef that I added with water (instead of stock), along with a bay leaf and 2 tsp beef bouillion seasoning. I tried adding the raw rice to the soup, but it tends to stick so next time I would do as you say and throw in cooked rice. Thanks!

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hippeastrum June 06, 2006

We really enjoyed this--it was very flavorful but it wasn't as rich/brothy as I was expecting so I added butter (Smart Balance), olive oil, and another cup of beef broth to the leftovers. That made it five stars! Next time I will try not pureeing it (I used a hand blender which worked well) to see what it's like with a thinner texture.

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Literary Mom November 18, 2005

wow. this was excellent. this is the first indian "dish" i had ever attempted. i was so curious about this soup as it is mentioned on "seinfeld". i tried to follow recipe to a "t"...made a few changes because i had to: used sausage drippings, and instant brown rice. other than that no changes. it was simpler than i expected and the taste is super. great soup that i will make over and over.

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jennifer in new jersey March 26, 2005
Mulligatawny (Indian) Soup ( Beef )