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Excellent! Easy to make, and it turned out lovely and moist. I left out the prunes and the almonds - but that is just a personal choice. Will certainly be making it again.

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Anastasia-Sacha December 27, 2010

Very nice fruit cake! I made this a few weeks ago, without the alcohol for a childrens birthday party so soaked everything in apple juice instead. I still have people asking me for the recipe now. :D

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rasully April 14, 2010

This fruitake breaks the mold and has become a family tradition!!! I made this cake with my available resources so the cake was not an exact replica but a delicious base. I mulled a bottle of Port we purchased in Quebec, with a purchased mulling mix. Fruit was soaked for two days, dried prunes,golden and dark raisins, dried tart cherries, fresh orange peel, and dried cranberries. Instead of almonds I added roasted pecans to the batter before baking. I'm not sure what was meant by mixed spice but I added a teaspoon of allspice to the batter. A buttered bundt pan was used to bake with no paper lining, a pan of boiling water was placed on the bottom rack of the oven. The cake was done after 90 minutes. I mailed a chunk to my mother in Iowa and my Aunt in Illinois. We will eat our fruitcake with sweetened mascarpone cheese!

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hydr20 December 20, 2007

This cake is fabulous! Our family has made fruitcake for generations and we all loved this one. We'll make it again this year. I have served it to a number of dinner guests, as well, and all of them wanted the recipe. I soaked the fruit for 4 days in advance, and I recommend the longer soaking period, if you have the time. I used a tub pan for baking, and shortened the baking time just a little, and all turned out just fine. The cake is easy to make, keeps well and for a very long period of time, if stored in an air-tight container. Even people who say they don't like fruitcake said that they really liked this cake!

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Tex-a-France Two-Stepper January 08, 2007
Mulled Wine Fruit and Nut Christmas Cake: Make-Ahead Fruitcake