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Wonderfully delicious and so addictive! I have had this at a local Mediterranean restaurant here in town and this is very close to the taste. Next time, and there will be a next time, I will either use less oil or more peppers, crumbs and walnuts as I like it thicker with more texture. Still, it was sooo good!!! Will definitely keep this recipe handy. Thanks for the post.

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DailyInspiration September 08, 2012

We had Muhamarra in a restaurant in Southern California, and were very excited to find this recipe which sounded very close the one the chef described. It is excellent! I had to substitute 1/4 tsp cayenne for the red pepper flakes, and then opted to add 1/4 c chopped onion since the restaurant mentioned onion as one of their ingredients. Super flavor/consistency/color, and it goes well with hummus/pita bread. Or spread on a hearty cracker or on sliced baked chicken. I think it might go well atop cream cheese (for crackers) but have not tried it yet. Thanks, DangerBun for sharing this recipe.

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artistclogger September 08, 2008

I substituted 3t balsamic glaze (the kind that's sold in the little squeeze bottle, because that's what I had on hand) for the pomegranate molasses. Used 2-3T of olive oil. Delicious. Friends thought it was better than our favorite restaurant's version.

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Disque July 04, 2015

This is just great! I used purchased pomegranate molasses and jarred roasted red peppers, so the dip came together in a flash...it disappeared almost as quickly!

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Sweet Baboo December 15, 2008

Holy...This stuff is AMAZING. It tastes exactly like the muhammara from the gourmet Lebanese restaurant in town. Tip: instead of pita, eat it with leaves of romaine lettuce. So refreshing on a hot summer day!

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JessieRose May 15, 2007

This is a great recipe for muhammara. I roasted my own peppers (which I think tastes better) just broil 10 minutes and peel off skin. Easy. Also I like my dip a little chunkier so I didn't prechop the walnuts, I just processed them whole. Perfect! If making the pomegranate molasses (which you should) just note that it takes a while to reduce, so either make in advance or give yourself an hour or two. Oh and one more thing, refridgerate it, it tastes much better the next day. YUM!

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X4XJELLO December 13, 2006