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My kids went to town on these muffins! All 12 were consumed at breakfast. I loved how easy they were to make. I did bake these the night before and in the morning dipped them in the melted butter and cinnamon/sugar topping. We will be having these again since they were so easy and good.

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5hungrykids April 20, 2010

this recipe is fantastic and sooo tasty, best muffin recipe i have tried on here. was unsure as to what flour to use self raising or plain and only had self raising, , worked really well though they rose and were sooo soft too, i mucked up the topping as did not read it properly and melted everything together but still tasted brilliant....will deffo make again as was very easy, might even do the topping properly next time......only managed to get 8 muffins out which were a good size so if you do want more than 8 i would suggest multiplying the recipe to suit your needs

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colliewobblee March 27, 2013

These are pretty tasty and WAY easier than making homemade doughnuts. The amount of butter and cinnamon and sugar for the topping is WAY too much. I think half and you would still have some left over. My kids loved them and I am sure they will get made often!

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QueenJellyBean July 28, 2010

I want to start by saying that we loved this recipe and will use it again. These were made for a church coffee hour and they are delicious and you can't beat how easy they are to make. As suggested by other reviewers I did add about 1/2 t. of vanilla to the basic recipe. I was surprised to see to see the few negative reviews on this recipe. If you like cake-type doughnuts you will really like this rccipe - if you're looking for a glazed krispy-creme type doughnut this isn't it. Simple, tasty and easy to bake ahead of time gives the recipe five stars in my book!. Thanks for the recipe Ladyshay!

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Trishinomaha March 13, 2010

Yesterday, I was in the mood for homemade doughnuts and, after reading some of the reviews, I thought I'd give these a try. I followed the advice of several reviewers and made them in mini-muffin tins and added some vanilla. Like some others, I found 2 TBS melted butter was perfect when brushed on. For the topping, I didn't follow the recipe. Instead, I made a mixture of splenda and Penzey's baking spice and sprinkled it on top. What surprised me was how the taste actually improved the next day. Thanks Ladyshay, I'll be making these again.

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BevLR February 01, 2009

These were very good. Definitely a taste somewhere between doughnuts and snickerdoodles. i used 2 T. of margarine for dipping and that was enough. Super easy recipe. Thanks for posting it!

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Pink Kitchenaid Lover September 27, 2008

I am so glad I made these muffins..My DH loved these..After reading others reviews I decided to add 1 tsp vanilla to the batter and made only half the topping..I was gald I did as I still had lots of topping leftover and the vanilla helped to bring out the flavor of these muffins...He says this recipe is a keeper,I must also add for him to say this about any muffin really is a compliment..He doesnt generally care for muffins,but he does like his cake donuts..Thank U for this great and really easy recipe..Im sure I will be baking more of these...

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Potluck March 28, 2007

I thought these muffins had a real nice texture and loved the flavor. While still warm from the oven they didn't taste as similar to cake donuts as they did after a few hours and even more so the next day (the two I managed to hide so they weren't devoured) This recipe doesn't claim to be a cake donut clone. I think the reviewers that are upset that it doesn't taste like a donut are taking the recipe a little to literally! In my opinion it comes close enough, is easier to make and is hands down delicious.

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Treenickel March 02, 2007

These were just to die for!, and yes they certainly do taste similar to doughnuts, they just melted in your mouth, heaven with every bite! Wonderful light texture. I took MizEmeril's advise and added 1 tsp vanilla. I will be making these again, they were just delicious! Thanks so much for posting...Kittencal :)

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Kittencal@recipezazz June 22, 2004

My husband loved these! <br/>I recommend making these either in small muffin tins or filling a normal size muffin tin less than halfway full so that you can really taste all the yummy topping in each bite.

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sweetcarolinessweets December 07, 2013
Muffins That Taste Like Doughnuts