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I tagged this for the Healthy Choices Game so I "doctored" this recipe slightly. I used a mixture of whole wheat, oat and all purpose flours...applesauce instead of oil...and because I did not have dried onion I substituted diced scallions. With the zucchini I ended up grating 1/2 a cup and throwing in 1/2 cup of chopped as well. I taste test batter as I go and when the time came to add hot sauce I decided to measure it in teaspoons (???) and used a verde (I have about a half dozen different hot sauces in my "collection" at the moment)...At the tail end I added about 1/2 table spoon of Splenda to the batter to sweeten it up a bit more. Mine baked in 25 minutes and were lovely with salad as a lightish Summer dinner. Great versatile recipe that celebrates the lovely garden veggies of tomato and zucchini thriving here in NJ right now! - Thanks glitter.

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free-free August 08, 2007
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