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I made these, and was worried that they would not hold together as another reviewer stated. I could not get them to clump together like traditional crabcakes, so I just mashed them into the pan (make sure you use metal- my silicone bakeware did not work, but that was my fault, not the Chef's), and hoped for the best. After baking, I just turned the hot metal pan over on a platter, and they all fell out and looked almost like real crabcakes (but the shape of a muffin cup). I did not have quite enough fresh crab on hand, so I supplemented with some diced salad shrimp- no problem at all! I mixed Valdalia and green onion, and used fresh dill and lemon juice. The combination of stronger spices surprised me, but, we all ate the crabcakes (crab/shrimp cakes), and there were no leftovers! They were such a hit, that I made them again two nights ago, but used leftover salmon since I was still out of crab, and because of this recipe, also out of shrimp. It's a great concept, and one I will be using again and again! As a bonus, the entire house smelled like some wonderful, exotic dish. I had my oven hood on to draw some of the heat outside, and neighbors were asking what I cooked. I gave them this website for the recipe, so I can bet that Chef Garlic will be getting many more reviews before too long!

As an aside, I always make this lemon, dill pickle juice and onion sauce (really watery, but sorta like a tarter sauce flavor, without the mayo), when we have any sort of seafood. It makes up great on the seafood, as a pasta base, marinade, or for a sandwich the next day. But, nobody touched it when I made this recipe. My feelings were hurt about that, but it did save me some work, as I hate chopping.

Also, make sure you use mayo, and not that other stuff with a blue lid that doubles as a salad dressing. The sugar in the M.W. would make it way too sweet. Maybe use regular stuffing mix if you use M.W.? But, I really liked the flavor of the cornbread stuffing with the contrast of the seafood.

In addition, the recipe says that it makes one serving, but, we had 4.8 adults that ate from it. The 0.8 is because one is due to deliver in about 3 weeks. I'll cut the recipe in half, or perhaps freeze part of it when the extra 2.8 people go home after she gives birth.

Overall, I have been impressed with this recipe, and pleasently surprised by how well everyone enjoyed it. Having to please 3.8 other picky adults, I felt this was a winner since there was nothing left either time. The flavor is much stronger than any crabcake I have ever had, but with the cornbread, it was a lot more distinctive, too. If you use metal muffin tins, and just press the back of the spoon down hard on top of the muffin tin, there will be no worries about them not holding together. One high dollar famous crabcake maker on the Chesapeke had crabcakes that did not stick together as well as these, and we always go back there a few times a year because they are so good. I have found that using a local farm's organic eggs over commerical grocery store varieties seemed to help keep the cakes together. My old go to recipe for crabcakes usually fell apart all the time

As a personal tip, I enjoyed the ones where I only filled the cup about 1/2 way full, as they came out tasting more like the fried version since more area was able to be baked. They were amazing, and you could taste all of the flavors seperately, and melding together. Mmmm, I want them again after writing this review!

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Greensboro Schnauzers August 12, 2011

This is certainly a healthier version of crabcakes, one of my favorite dishes! However, I had alittle problems getting them to hold together very well - added an additional egg to assist with this. Overall taste was good, abit spicy and would try to work on getting them to hold together. Would make again with some revisions based on this..

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Scrapbook Lori December 24, 2006
Muffin Tin Crab Cakes