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This is a very good muesli mix! I had to use rolled millet because gluten free oats are not available for me here, and I used the pecan option instead of the hazelnuts (personal preference). My dried apples look somewhat dark in the picture, I'm afraid the camera is not too reliable. But I like the taste a lot, specifically the dried coconut. Next time I think I'll roast the coconut, too, to enhance the flavour. The dried fruits are very filling, so you don't need too much of this to be completely full and satisfied.
Will make this again - thanks for posting!
Made for ZWT 7.

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Mia in Germany June 13, 2011

A good recipe, but IF WISHING TO HAVE IT GLUTEN FREE, make sure oats are from a source designated as gluten-free (meaning produced in an environment in which other products containing gluten such as wheat or barley are NOT produced)and use the brown rice flakes because BARLEY IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.

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MissSuz June 10, 2011