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I wanted to make this tart pretty much as written, so scoured a couple of specialty stores & managed to get the berries although they came at a high price! Still, the tart, when finished, was OUTSTANDING, & we thoroughly enjoyed it, 4 of us managing to reduce it to just a few crust crumbs in less than 4 hours! I look forward to making this one again when all the berries are in season! [Tagged, made & reviewed for one of my adopted orphans in the current Pick A Chef]

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Sydney Mike October 13, 2009

This recipe could really be made with any fruit you have on hand but the kiwi and strawberries are so bright and pretty. I whipped my marshmallow creme a bit before folding in because straight out of the jar it was pretty stiff. I used a 9 inch graham crust that was a little too big, but no matter I just piled on the fruit. This would be an easy and beautiful dessert to bring to a summer gathering. I love Susie's idea about using the individual tart shells. I may try that next time. Made for Fall PAC 2009

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Brenda. October 11, 2009

I was completely unable to imagine any kind of dessert idea using five RSC #14 ingredients. So when you looked at the ingredient list and immediately envisioned this dessert, I was impressed. Admittedly, I was also a bit skeptical as to how the five contest ingredients (Nutella, sweetened condensed milk, marshmallow creme, creme fraiche, and kiwis) would combine. But the creamy marshmallow-chocolate flavored tart filling perfectly complements taste and texture of the colorful summer fruit topping. Not only that, the tart really looks lovely. It is something special, but no more difficult to make than the average pie. Great job on your first original recipe creation!

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Deb's Recipes October 08, 2009

I wasn't familiar with the "mud" label so really wasn't sure what to expect. It came out with a no bake cheesecake taste, very rich & nutty. I used graham crackers crumbs to make 8 individual tarts shells. I topped two with a mixture of fresh kiwis, strawberries, & nectarines and was pleased with the combination of filling & fruit. I wanted to try freezing the rest in individual servings so I could thaw them, top with fruit & have a quick dessert. Made for Fall '09 Pick A Chef.

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Susie D September 28, 2009

This is a wonderful Tart! I had a hard time keeping all the fruits fresh enough to make this because life kept getting the way and I had to postpone it's making so much. I finally was able to make this today and topped it with only the strawberries. Since strawberries and kiwi taste so much alike I decided that it was better to get it made than to keep putting it off. Although the filling is very rich and sweet...the unsweetened fruit is the perfect compliment to it. The flavors are fabulous. It's worth the investment in the fresh fruits. I recommend that you use a pastry pie crust and not a graham cracker crust as I think it would be too sweet. It is perfect exactly as written. Thanks Cookie Lane for a wonderful dessert with a beautiful presentation. I topped my piece with whipped cream. Made for Hidden Gems Fall 2009.

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CarrolJ September 23, 2009
Mudberry Tart (No Bake)