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I found this to be a good recipe and I think the original has the potential to be GREAT. This is a very sweet dish without the acidity of the tamarind, but the flavors combine beautifully. Unfortunately, I did not have coconut milk (or coconut flavored anything to make it), tamarind, or green bell peppers. I will list the substitutions I made, but do the coconut milk at your own risk. Coconut milk: I blended pineapple tidbits, milk, and evaporated milk. Tamarind: molasses and lime juice (lots of lime juice). Green bell pepper: Poblano pepper (This was a GREAT substitution). Oh and my fish was already cooked so I put it in at the end and let the sauce heat it up for 5 minutes or so and it worked well.

I may modify my rating if I try it again with the proper ingredients. Thanks for a good recipe.

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comidacreativa June 29, 2011
Mtuzi Wa Samaki (East African Fish in Coconut Curry)