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Excellent cinnamon rolls, although I changed a few things. Cook them in a 9x13 pan (6 to a pan), not a cookie sheet. They will look just like Mrs. Powell's instead of dinner plates.
The roll recipe and the frosting recipe are spot on, but the filling needs changing. Melt 1/4 C butter instead of a Cup and brush it over the rolled out dough. Then mix 1 C brown sugar (not white) with 2-4 T cinnamon and spread over the dough.
Overall, great recipe - huge rolls!

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Jen_Moses June 02, 2012

Good Recipe, But this is not a copy cat to Mrs. Powells Cinnamon Rolls, How do I know Gayle Powell is my aunt. I have the original Recipe. But these are good. I don't think its right to false advertise..

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Jamie S. June 30, 2014

These were very good and easier than some cinnamon rolls. The first rise took 30 minutes, the second 25 minutes. My table almost wasn't big enough to roll this out. For the filling I softened the butter so I could spread it. They needed more filling. When I was making it I thought there was too much cinnamon. They get so much bigger when cooking that it seemed like they could have used more. This made 20 giant rolls for me, 5 to a pan and they were almost as big as a plate. Next time I will split the dough in half so I can roll it out thinner and be more liberal with the filling. I didn't try the orange filling. These were even better the next day reheated in the microwave for 1 minute, they didn't harden when reheated.

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MoreWithLessMom November 25, 2011

Mrs Powells were the closest cinnamon rolls to what my mom used to make, which were heavenly. This recipe actually worked for me! It tastes very much like I remember moms. Thank you homegirl! *** After making this for 2 years now, I double the sugar and the salt to get the taste I remember from my mom's. Otherwise, perfect!***


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grandmarrt December 21, 2010

these are fab!!! they are the softest rolls ever! i do agree that you shouldn't let them get too brown, and they do freeze well (i make a double batch and use my vacuum sealer to freeze small amounts)

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tudon March 18, 2009
Mrs Powells Cinnamon Rolls (Copycat)