Mrs Ortiz Spaghetti Sauce

READY IN: 1hr 15mins
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A chunky sauce that taste like it simmered for hours ! Don't be put off by the anchovies they melt away never to be seen again !

Top Review by Charlotte J

My daughter and I made this sauce this paste weekend. We used fresh Roma tomatoes from our garden in place of the canned diced tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and added fresh basil. This is an easy sause to make and it looks beautiful on top your spaghetti. To try something we have never cooked with before we DID add the anchovy fillets as the very last ingredient. I think anchovies must be a taste you need to get use to. As I could really taste a strong flavor in the sauce unknown to my taste buds before that day. So the anchovies get the blame. I will make this again leaving out the anchovies which I know will turn this recipe into a 5 star for us. mrsortiz and I zmailed each other and she knew I was really squeamish about the anchovies. (Those fishy thingies, lol.) But they were not as bad to handle as my mind was envisioning. I have a bunch of tomatoes on the counter again, so guess what I'm doing on our anniversary weekend. Maybe I can get a photo this time. Thanks for the recipe!

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  1. in a large skillet add olive oil heat on medium.
  2. add chopped parsley, pressed garlic and anchovies saute briefly till garlic is soft not brown add red pepper flakes if desired.
  3. add all 3 cans of diced tomatoes do not drain !
  4. add can of tomato sauce heat all the way through.
  5. add can of tomato paste stir until combined.
  6. add all the dried herbs.
  7. and both cans of mushrooms drained well.
  8. allow sauce to simmer as long as you wish.
  9. right before serving add the cheese to the sauce.
  10. enjoy.

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