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Amazing kugel! The topping is divine and the pineapple gives it a nice sweet & tangy flavor. We really loved this kugel - I think this is one of the best tasting sweet noodle kugels I have ever eaten. Accurate, clear instructions as well. Thanks for sharing.

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HeatherFeather February 14, 2003

I made this the other day.. you MUST RATE dishes or you'll lose them! Grr, on me!! lol

Not only did I like it, but DH, who doesn't seem thrilled over any fruit or veggie dish loved this! Even though he says he doesn't like pineapple! I used fresh pineapple too and a sprinkling of raisins.. what a great childhood I had eating this!!


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Amberngriffinco January 04, 2011

I cooked a large bag of egg noodles about 14oz (356 grams). 1 LB of pasta sounded too much for 6 eggs only. I reduced all the ingredients accordingly. I used 5 eggs and 2/3 of the canned pineapple. I decided to pass on the topping expecting the results to be very good. We could save some fat & calories! I broiled the kugel for a couple of minutes instead, this makes the top crunchier and browns the pasta very quickly. Overall this is a very tasty kugel. My husband asked me to make it again adding all the pineapple. I will try the topping next time to give it a more accurate review. Thank you for the recipe.

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Chef h&h May 12, 2008
Mrs. Markovitz's Sweet Noodle Kugel