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I just made the cookies. The only thing I did different was add 1/2 tsp of Cream of Tartar to the recipe. They turned out delicious. I will definitely use this recipe for Snickerdoodles in the future.

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sunalicia8 December 23, 2015

I gave this recipe 3 stars. My family liked these cookies especially my newphes 5 & 7 yrs old. They goobled these right down. I wasn't crazy over the butter taste these cookies had. I was hoping these were more like a snickerdoodle without the cream of tartar, but the butter just over powered the cinnamon/sugar taste. When I made these cookies I made a few minor changes to the recipe. I used Splenda for the sugar/cinnamon as I find they go together really nicely. I used Splenda brown sugar and Splenda sugar blend (for the white sugar). I did also add 1 scoop of plain protein powder. The first day I made these cookies they turned out very soft and chewy. I refrigerated the dough for a couple of days and the cookies rolled pretty good but they seemed to get really hard when baked. Overall these were good flavored cookies that I'll make again. Thanks for posting a good recipe. Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut February 18, 2010

These are so delicious....chewy and buttery and just yummy. I made them for my husband's lunch, and wound up eating most of the batch of cookies before I put any in his lunch! You just can't stop eating them once you start. SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!

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ConnieBella76 January 17, 2010
Mrs. Fields Cinnamon Sugar Cookies