Mr Coffee Mexican Coffee Frappe

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Total Time
3 mins
0 mins

Another Mr Coffee Frappe maker recipe.

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  1. Place paper filter in brew basket along with ground coffee / espresso. Add cold water to fill line.
  2. Place ingredients into blender jar in this order:.
  3. ice cubes
  4. cinnamon.
  5. chocolate syrup.
  6. Kahlua.
  7. tequila.
  8. heavy cream.
  9. Secure blending jar lid and rotate into locked position.
  10. Secure blending jar onto base and lock.
  11. Plug in appliance and push power button. When red button flashes, press the Frappe button. When automatic blending cycle is complete, the green light will turn off. If additional blending is desired, press and hold the BLEND button for the desired amount of time.