Mr. Breakfast's Boo-Nana (--tasty Dish--)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

Slightly altered recipe from A sneaky, albeit clever way to get your child to take his or her daily vitamin... Please note: the Recipezaar computer would not allow me to list one multi vitamin as an ingredient. So, you will need one children's multi vitamin for this recipe. PS If you don't want to use a vitamin for the banana's mouth, you could substitute a small piece of fruit such as an apple slice, papaya piece or other favorite fruit. (Mommy used a Valium for her boo-nana.)

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  1. Note: Be sure to read the intro for special instructions.
  2. Peel a banana half way down.
  3. Add a dab of peanut butter where the eyes would go and attach each grape half.
  4. Attach the dried cherry (or cranberry) in where the nose goes by pushing in carefully using your finger.
  5. Push in the vitamin (or piece of fruit) to make the mouth.
  6. Carefully spoon the chocolate sauce down the top of the banana head to create the scary boo-nana hair!


Most Helpful

Sing along with me:
I love Mr. Boo-Nana, he's such a good fella. He's sweet and tasty and nice and the cutest breakfast surprise! :)
He has a jolly yellow frock, his eyes are big and red and I prefer him over toasted bread. :)

P.S.: I used liquorice for the hair.

Lalaloula October 10, 2010

oh that's hair! I thought for a moment Mr Boo-Nana had a scary skateboard accident!

Elielia December 24, 2007

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