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I made this for dinner tonight and would definitely not make again. The combination of spices is overwhelming and not good. It did not taste anything like Greek Moussaka. If I ever made something similar, I think I would just add salt, pepper and garlic. The flavor was somewhere between bad pie and I don't know what else. The vegetable and cheese combination could be good but I couldn't taste anything other than the over powering spices.

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Spencer #2 January 20, 2014

Excellent recipe!
The ricotta adds so much to the overall flavor and texture of the dish.
I used a sweet red pepper instead of green. Also, added more cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick!
Would also make a great casserole with chopped up eggplant instead of stuffing the shells.
Highly recommended.

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CIAone March 21, 2012

I've made this several times and its always a hit. Even people that don't like lamb OR eggplant like this. I only use 1/4 tsp. of clove otherwise I think its a little overpowering. I usually make my own ricotta as suggested. This is truly a wonderful dish. Thank you so much for posting it Chef Kate.

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Chef Emstar September 21, 2010

Absolutely delicious! No problem with textures or wateriness for us. Not sure if this made the difference, but I covered the eggplant cubes lightly with olive oil and roasted them along side the shells for 15 minutes, instead of sauteeing them. I used ground turkey breast, red bell pepper, and did just a pinch of the cloves, cinammon and nutmeg for DH's taste. I compensated by increasing the cumin and adding a teaspoon of ground coriander. I also just added the ricotta as a topping. I think adding some cubed baked potatoes to this would be great! Quite a bit of work, but worth it. It has phenomenal flavor!

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Maito January 08, 2008

The flavor of this eggplant dish was fabulous, each vegetable and spice contributing to a delicious whole. I used a bit more cayenne for our taste, otherwise followed the directions faithfully. The eggplants looked beautiful coming out of the oven and made an excellent presentation with the creamy, golden topping. My DH and I did have one complaint, however. The texture of the eggplant filling was "watery" to us. It was definitely not the fault of the recipe, since I have made other eggplant type casseroles and they have all had that same unpleasant texture. It's not that we don't like eggplant...we do. Perhaps adding some cooked rice to the mix before stuffing the eggplants would absorbe some of the moisture and firm up the finished product. Again, the flavor of this dish is exceptional and worth making for those people who enjoy eggplant.

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Geema February 22, 2006
Moussaka-Style Stuffed Eggplant (Aubergine)